All about Pain in the Pelvic Region during Pregnancy

Pelvic bone pain during pregnancy is a common problem. It is usually due to the growing baby in your womb that tries to get enough space.

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All about Pain in the Pelvic Region during Pregnancy

Pubic pain during pregnancy is caused due to condition known as 'Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction'. There is, however, no reason to worry as it is absolutely common and normal during pregnancy.

pelvic pain in pregnancy

Pelvic pain is a common discomfort during pregnancy, and this all because your ligaments are stretching, hormone levels are changing and the organs are shifting around in order to make room for your baby to grow. It is however advisable that you get it checked by a professional as it could also indicate toward a more serious problem. You should therefore consult your doctor and learn to decode the aches and pains as you feel them.

Why does Pubic Bone Pain Occur?

In preparation of child birth, a hormone named relaxin is released which loosens and softens the ligaments. In general, it is agood thing as it makes delivery easier for both the mother and the baby.

During pregnancy, ligaments loosen up and the pelvic outlet widens to create space for baby’s head during delivery. In this process many ligaments in pelvis are stretched, especially the one at the centre of pubic bone (pubic symphysis). Simply stating pubic pain during pregnancy is mainly caused due to misalignment of pelvis and excessive movement of pubic symphysis.

Normally narrow midline cartilaginous joint can create a 2-3 mm gap between the bones. But during pregnancy when it becomes flexible the connective tissues can widen up to 9 mm. This ligament stretching is enough reason for discomfort and mild pain. But the trouble don’t stop there, weight of baby put added strain on muscles and can cause severe pain in front pubic area.
Experts are of view that ligaments can even stretch to the level that it become impossible to bear the growing weight. If you are experiencing pubic bone pain then it is always better to talk to your doctor about it.


Ways to ease Pubic Bone Pain during Pregnancy

  • Prenatal cradle can help you to ease pain. It supports your pelvis and works similar to ankle or knee brace to keep joints at place.
  • You must avoid standing for too long, this will put additional pressure on pelvis.
  • To bring relief in case you have pain you can use rice sock as a heating pad.
  • If pain is severe or unbearable then medications can be taken. Your practitioner can help you to decide what medications should be taken.
  • Avoid sitting postures that can trigger the pain. For instance, one must avoid sitting down to put on pants or swinging both the legs together.
  • Make sure that you sit down on a chair while dressing rather than balancing on one leg.
  • Pelvic floor exercises can help to bring relieve to back pain. You must take help of professional trainer for exercising during pregnancy. 


Women with pelvic pain in pregnancy can have a normal normal birth, and you must plan ahead about it with you midwife or doctor. You should consult on birth positions that would be comfortable for you and get a birth plan done. Being in water could be a good choice as it would take the weight off from your joints and you will be allowed to move more easily, so water birth could be good for you.

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