Why Psychological Counselling Is Important For Anger Management In Students

If your child has anger issues, you can seek professional counselling help to resolve it. 

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Nov 01, 2022 21:27 IST
Why Psychological Counselling Is Important For Anger Management In Students

Parenting is an easy task, said no one ever. Also, parenting isn’t a hard task if you understand that no one loves your child as much as you, hence making you the best person to assist your child to distinguish between acceptable and unacceptable behaviours. Especially if you see your child often blurring the boundaries between aggression, violence, and anger, you must enrol them in a psychological counselling program at the earliest. 

According to Saurav Kasera, Co-founder of CLIRNET, psychological counselling for anger management in students is important because:

  • It helps them build appreciation for their blessings, empathy to consider exceptions, patience to know other perspectives, and listening skills to understand multiple views.
  • Psychological counselling for anger management includes real-life examples that can shape the student’s learning from daily insights thus enhancing thoughtfulness.
  • Anger management psychological counselling contains dedicated stress relief behavioural practice that can develop improved judgement of the students in the long run.

Other tips for teen anger management

Apart from counselling, parents can also try other methods to help their children adopt anger management skills. Here are some:

Make anger rule

teen anger management

It is better to begin at home. Different people have different anger handling habits but as a family, you must set a rule for acceptable and unacceptable behaviours. Anyone who breaks the rule should be given a punishment(even if it is you). This would set a discipline in the house and your child might learn over time.

Explain the difference between anger and aggression

Anger is not always harmful but aggression can be. While anger is an emotion, aggression is a behaviour that can harm others too. You must teach the teenagers to draw a line between aggression. They can show their anger but never behave aggressively even if it is verbal and not physical.

The right way to show anger

Sometimes, you get angry because you are right but you should show it the right way. It is right to stand up for yourself but without violating anyone’s fundamental rights. The right kind of anger is harmless but teenagers often fail to understand the line. So, parents must teach them.

Anger management

Teach them problem solving skills

There is a lot of competition these days that might hamper the mental health of your child. These days, a lot of children get angry upon not being able to do or achieve something they wish to. If you teach them the right problem-solving skills, you can prevent them from developing anger.


When you feel disturbed by something, you must give yourself a break or distract yourself from that problem. Giving yourself a quick break can be the best solution to avert a potential problem. Teach your child to learn the art of time-out as this is the most easy and effective way to prevent anger.

Apart from the above-mentioned points, exercising regularly, doing meditation, listening to soothing music, journaling your thoughts, sharing everything with someone you trust, are some of the ways that are great for anger management.

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