Pros and Cons of Newborn Co-sleeping

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Feb 06, 2012

There is no definite answer to the question of sharing bed with a newborn. Going through advantages and disadvantages of newborn co-sleeping, parents have to make a wise decision on whether to go on with the practice or not. The primary reason why parents opt for newborn co-sleeping is spending more time with their baby.

For some, the practice strengthens bond, simplify nursing and increase cuddle time. On the other hand, others believe that newborn co-sleeping prevents babies from learning to sleep on their own and boosts sleep disturbances.

In case you have decided on the first option, you need to understand pros and cons involved in the practice.

Pros of Newborn Co-sleeping


  1. Convenience: Instead of making baby sleep in crib, co-sleeping provides convenience to you. Therefore, if infant cries out of hunger, it is easier to feed him or her, with them lying right next to you. Baby Center website underline that mothers breastfeed their babies more when sleeping along with them.
  2. Nursing Mother’s Synchronization with Baby: Another benefit of newborn co-sleeping is that it helps nursing mother get her sleep cycle in tandem with the infant.
  3. Baby gets Ample Sleep: Co-sleeping newborns are believed to sleep more and wake up less. With mother watching her baby sleeping close by, baby sleeps for more time and quickly. So, it becomes easier to reach over a crying baby and sooth her.
  4. Helps Regain Intimacy: The practice benefits working parents who don’t see their newborns throughout the day.

Cons of Newborn Co-sleeping

  1. Risk of SIDS: Several childcare experts don’t recommend the practice of newborn co-sleeping owing to dangers of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Moreover, the practice should be strictly avoided in case either of the parent is alcoholic or smoker, making unsafe for the newborn.
  2. Less Sleep for You: Infants toss, turn and cry while asleep. The noisy newborns won’t let you sleep sufficiently.
  3. Problems Ahead: Experts have raised the subject of dependency of child later. Children sleeping with their parents for a longer duration face a challenge after getting independent.
  4. Intrusion in Love Life: Newborn co-sleeping can also viewed as one of the reasons of the disruption of love life.


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