Prognosis of Tennis Elbow

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Sep 14, 2012

Tennis elbow is a common problem for which people visit a doctor. It is caused by overuse injury of elbow. It causes pain on the outside of the elbow. Tennis elbow is caused because of sudden or chronic injury to the muscle and tendon around the outside of the elbow. It most commonly affects the dominant arm,but the non-dominant arm can also be involved in injury. In some cases both the arms may be involved. Tennis elbow can occur at any age but it most commonly affects people who are around 40 years old.


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Prognosis of tennis elbow

Prognosis of tennis elbow is good in most of the cases. Most people with tennis elbow show improvement in pain and other symptoms in a few weeks with proper treatment. But in some patients the symptoms may last for longer period) even with treatment.

If the injury is not treated timely and appropriately or you continue to overuse the arm then the condition can become chronic. These cases may take a long time to recover after start of appropriate treatment. Hence, early treatment and physiotherapy is vital for complete and timely recovery. People with severe symptoms can take much longer time to recover.

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People who develop chronic tennis elbow can have frequent flare-ups. Some factors which predispose you to develop tennis elbow, or experience recurrence of symptoms include:

  • excessive or inappropriate physical activity
  • use of improper equipment (too big or heavy for you)
  • use of improper sporting technique (any improper technique increases the risk of injury)
  • weak muscles or spasm of muscle
  • stiffness of joint (especially if the wrist, elbow, neck or upper back joints are involved)
  • poor posture
  • inadequate warm-up or stretching exercises
  • inadequate rest and physiotherapy after an elbow injury
  • past history of injury to elbow, neck or upper back
  • past history of injury to the nerves to the elbow.

In some cases tennis elbow can become chronic, but it usually doesn't result in any other long-term health problems. Timely and appropriate treatment and taking preventive measures can reduce the symptoms and prevent repeat flare-ups.


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