Preparing Homemade Baby Food

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Jan 31, 2013

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You can prepare baby food at home from all the commonly available fruits and vegetables. While starting on semi-solids, use only one fruit or vegetable type to feed your baby. Stick to the same food for four or five days before you try out other fruits and vegetables. Do not mix many fruits and vegetables as they might not be compatible and if you are checking your baby for allergy you will not know the offending food from the others. Pureed or mashed banana, stewed apple, carrot, spinach and potatoes are great ideas to start from before you try other fruits or vegetables.


Tips on preparing homemade baby food

  • Skin on fruits and vegetables need to be peeled, if any. Though peels are nutritious and high in vitamins they might not be digested well by your baby, you can leave small specks of skin or peel on.
  • All seeds and inedible parts of fruits and vegetable need to be discarded prior to mashing or pureeing.
  • Boiling or steaming of fruits and vegetables need to be done to soften them for easy digestion. Soft fruits can be steamed as steaming seals nutrients better.
  • Mashed food needs to be diluted with some boiled water to get a cream like consistency. Mashed food along with some water should be blended into a puree. This mixture should not be runny or completely liquid as the motive is to introduce semi-solid food and train the baby to swallow.


Guidelines for preparing homemade baby food

  • Maintain stringent levels of hygiene while preparing baby food as a baby’s immune system is not fully developed to fight any infections. Properly washing your hands, fruits or vegetable and sterilizing utensils should be taken care of.
  • Avoid salty, sugary or spicy food. Seasoning of baby food must be avoided.
  • The temperature of baby food should be slightly more than the room temperature. Food should not be too hot or too cold.
  • Prepare fresh baby food always. Avoid storing baby food in the fridge as risk of contamination is always there.


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