Pre-mature Birth Linked to Repeated Abortions

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Aug 31, 2012

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Pre mature Birth Linked to Repeat Abortions

New study has revealed that the more abortions a woman has before her first child birth, the more she is likely to give birth to a pre-mature baby.

The study showed that there would be three babies born before 28 weeks for every 1,000 women who had never had an abortion done earlier. Then, four per 1,000 who had had one abortion and six in those who had had two abortions and 11 if the woman had had three or more abortions.


However, the format of the research was such that researchers cannot say really said that the abortions lead to premature birth for sure. They are pointing out that there is merely a link between the two. Pre-term birth before 37 weeks' gestation pushed the new born to a definite risk of serious problems like brain injury and death. Birth before 28 weeks exposes the baby to a greater risk of death, brain injury and permanent disability. Hence the odds of having a new born before 28 weeks and after three or four abortions is extremely worrying.

It is time you think twice before popping the pill.



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