Plant in India, Pak Helps Fight Cancer

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Aug 23, 2012

Plant in India Pak Helps Fight CancerA plant found in arid regions of India and Pakistan has promised breast cancer treatment. ‘Virgins Mantle’ plant, scientifically known as Fagonia Cretica, is touted to restrict growth of breast cancer cells within 5 hours and kills affected cells within 24 hours.

The research panel of Aston University, Birmingham and Russells Hall Hospital, found that the plant extract has anti-cancer agents that works in a combination against the propagation of cancer cells. Professor Helen Griffiths and Professor Amtul R Carmichael, who headed the research, later explained that a herbal tea made from the plant extracts is safe than breast cancer chemotherapy as it does not damage normal breast cells.

The herbal tea containing Virgins Mantle extract is already drunk by women with breast cancer in rural Pakistan. A small-town hospital in Pakistan has been using herbal tea 40 years ago to treat breast cancer patients. Unlike chemotherapy after effects, they haven’t lost weight or experienced toxic side-effects.

It will be too early to say plant extract is the cure for breast cancer as the effect of herbal tea is yet to be seen in Caucasian patients.


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