Increase Your Height By Doing These Pilates Exercises Daily

If you are trying to increase your height naturally, you must try these pilates exercises suggested by expert Vesna Jacob.

Vesna Jacob
Written by: Vesna JacobUpdated at: Oct 09, 2021 09:00 IST
Increase Your Height By Doing These Pilates Exercises Daily

Height is something that is based on your genetical predispositions. There are many people who are short-heighted as well as people whose height growth seem to have been halted due to one or the other reason. While it is considered that height can only be increased naturally and it is not in our hands to increase it otherwise, it is not completely true. There are several factors that can help in increasing one’s height naturally without needing to consume growth supplements, exercise is one of them. There are several sports that are linked to increasing height such as volleyball and basketball that involve jumping which further promotes lengthening. When it comes to pilates, what pilates does is that helps you lengthen the muscles, strengthen the spinal muscles, thereby increasing & bettering the posture. This makes you stand straighter, walk straighter and can also add a few inches to your height. Pilates only maximizes your potential because you are not slouching or compressing the spine which increases your height.

Pilates to increase height

People who stick to pilates and do regular exercises do report that they have grown taller. So, it is not just about becoming taller but also improving posture that makes them look taller than they were before. Coming to pilates exercises for height increase, you must engage in lengthening your core to each and every movement that you are doing. Here are five exercises that you must do regularly to lengthen your spine and make you look taller.

1. Standing Hundred

  • Stand with your spine straight
  • Touch your chin to the chest as if you are looking downwards
  • Keep your heels together but toes apart
  • Engage the core, lengthen the spine and do quick short clapping movements along the side of the body

From here you would go to the second pilates move which is mentioned below.

2. Rolling Down

Pilates to increase height

  • After you are done doing the standing hundred exercise, do this.
  • Lift your toes up and extend your hands upwards
  • Stretch your body as if you are going to touch the ceiling
  • While you are going up in a way, you will engage the core and start draping and slowly going down all the way to the floor
  • In the similar reverse way, come up.

This really helps to decompress the spine and lengthen the spinal muscles.

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3. Back Swimming Exercise

After the two standing exercises, this is a floor-based exercise.

  • Lie down on your stomach
  • Keep your arms and legs up
  • You are supposed to lift the head up
  • This would lengthen everything away

This is great for back and core muscles

Pilates to increase height

4. Inverted V with Plank Position

This exercise also aims at promoting the core strength but while you are into lengthening into inverted V position, you are lengthening the tailbone which is strengthening the upper body.

This would lengthen the shoulder as well leg muscles.

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5. High Mermaid

We will finish the course with high mermaid.

  • Start with inverted V then you cross the legs and lift the hips while at the same time you are touching the toes.
  • So, it is a very high position.
  • As you come down, you lift the arm over the head.
  • Now, come up and go back to the position.

All of these exercises help in strengthen and lengthen the muscles to make you taller. For visible results, you need to practice these exercises daily without a fail. 

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