Paleo Diet for Type 1 Diabetes

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Jul 07, 2011

Diabetes is generally caused by the failure of the pancreas in producing insulin. In such cases, a Paleo diet does help in restoring the pancreatic function in the body. Let first understand what a Paleo diet is all about.

Paleo diet is a change in the diet plan that includes vegetables, roots, fruits, mushrooms, grains, dairy, legumes and beans. Under this concept of a dietary lifestyle the fruits and vegetables are given more preference and the favoured usage of oils meant for cooking food are olive oil, palm oil or avocado oil.

  • Basically, the main agenda of a Paleo diet is to eat food offered directly by nature.
  • Excessive refinement of foods and oils or packaged foods or food items produced by the industry then, becomes a substitute for our daily diet. For example, if fish is being consumed then it should not be tinned or preserved. This helps the body to process all the good calories in the body and restoring the diabetic irregularity to normalcy over a stipulated period of time.
  • Some people also switch over to kitchen gardens and discourage processed food items available in stores. Surviving on food like a forager is the key to the Paleo diet. There are more than 300 edible plants listed so far and known to human kind. If at least 30 percent of that forms the diet of a diabetic then, the pancreas is bound to function well.
  • Another important fact about the Paleo diet is the exclusion of salt from daily intake of food. Originally, foragers or nomads did not recognise the importance or the necessity of salt in their diet due to which their salt buds never developed. This should be followed diligently apart from drinking lots of water.
  • Water should be the only beverage for people following the Paleo diet. If craving for tea is unstoppable then, organic and herbal teas should work as a better substitute to water. Other alternatives can be coconut water.
  • One should avoid food items such as nectar, packed or tinned fruit juices and coffee as they have high fructose content that would destabilise the insulin levels in the body further. An alternative to sugar is coconut palm sugar which is raw, unprocessed and brown in colour.

Since theres no cure for diabetes then atleast try to make certain changes in diet plan by adopting paleo diet which would allow your pancreas to function better.


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