Artificial Pancreas to Ease Diabetes Burden

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Jun 27, 2011

Lady take injectionThere is finally a ray of hope for diabetics. Researchers have developed revolutionary artificial pancreas that will ease the burden of diabetes for millions across the globe. This artificial pancreas will be able to deliver insulin directly into the person without the aid of injections. This treatment will particularly help people with type 1 diabetes.

Developed by experts at the Mayo Clinic, human testing of the artificial pancreas will begin later this year. It will be first tried on inpatients at the clinic and their progress will be monitored. The artificial pancreas have been officially titled ‘The Loop System’. It comprises of an automatic insulin pump, activity monitors that are attached to the body, a blood sugar monitor and a central processing unit. The aim is to monitor the blood sugar level of the patients who will be put on the loop system, on an insulin delivery algorithm which apes the body when it comes to monitoring blood glucose levels. The people volunteering for the study will be put on a schedule including a strict diet and exercise regime.

The researchers have also found a direct correlation between insulin levels and physical activity. According to the study, a diabetic who indulges in moderate physical activity after a meal has a blood sugar level that is close to that of a person who has fully functional pancreases. However, diabetics who did not get any physical activity after meals has considerably higher blood sugar levels. This finding is important when it comes to modelling an ideal insulin delivery system for type 1 diabetes mellitus.

The development of artificial pancreas will be a boost for the treatment of type 1 diabetes mellitus. It will free diabetics from the harrowing routine of being pricked daily for insulin doses. Also, if the relationship between physical activity and insulin response in the body is firmly established then it will shed light on diabetes management.


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