Orissa Cancer Hospitals and Research Centers

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Jan 01, 2011

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Thyroid Cancer: Cancer that forms in an organ at the base of the throat that makes hormones that help control heart rate, body temperature, blood pressure, and weight is known as thyroid cancer. The thyroid gland is located inside the front of your lower neck. In thyroid cancer the patient may suffer from cough, sifficulty swallowing, enlargement of the thyroid gland, hoarseness or changing voice, neck swelling, thyroid lump. The four types are based on how the cancer cells look under a microscope.


Four main types of thyroid cancer are

  • Anaplastic carcinoma
  • Follicular carcinoma
  • Medullary carcinoma
  • Papillary carcinoma

Get complete details of well approved cancer hospitals, cancer institute’s and cancer centers in Orissa with their Contact Numbers, Address and other details.

List of Cancer Hospitals, Institutes and Centers in Orissa


1. Hemalata Hospitals & Research Centre

Nalco Square,

Bhubaneswar, Orissa - 751023

Phone No. 0674 2302333

2. Capital Hospital

Unit 6, Ganga Nagar,

Bhubaneshwar – 751001

Phone No. +(91)-(674)-2394985, 2390688, 2391983

3. Apollo Hospital

Plot No-481/1246, Near Kalinga Stadium, Unit-4,

Madhusudan Nagar, Bhubaneshwar - 751001

Phone No. +(91)-9337721654

4. Kalinga Hospital Pvt Ltd

Plot No Gd2c, C S Puri,

Cuttack Road, Bhubaneshwar - 751006 

Phone No. +(91)-(674)-2300496

5. Kalinga Hospital Ltd

Chandrasekharpur, S E Railway Project Complex,

Bhubaneshwar – 751023

Phone No. +(91)-(674)-2300570, 2300726, 2301227, 2300997

6. Usthi Hospital & Research Center

N4 1/1, IRC Village,

Nayapalli, Bhubaneshwar – 751012

Phone No. +(91)-(674)-2556223, 2556267, 2550312

7. Institute Of Medical Science

Sector 8, Kalinga Nagar,

Bhubaneshwar - 751003

Phone No. +(91)-(674)-2384214

8. Anapurna Hospital

Nageswartangi, Kharvel Nagar,

Bhubaneshwar – 751001

Phone No. +(91)-(674)-2431144

9. Global Hospital Information Centre

82/83, Ganga Nagar, Unit-6,

Ekamra Marg, Bhubaneshwar – 751001

Phone No. +(91)-(674)-2595566



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