Oatmeal For Diabetes: Know Pros And Cons Of This Diet

Oatmeal is considered a very healthy breakfast option, know if it is equally beneficial for diabetic patients.

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: Mar 22, 2022Updated at: Mar 22, 2022
Oatmeal For Diabetes: Know Pros And Cons Of This Diet

We hear of diabetes so often that it has been induced as a common part of our daily lives. People with diabetes have number of restrictions in their diet because of which it also makes them eat less than usual. Diabetic person is restricted for sugary products, limit calories and other restrictions. Diabetes is actually a metabolic condition that affects your body and oatmeal can provide benefits to your health. Oatmeal is considered a very healthy breakfast or evening meal those who want to eat the right nutrition. High-fiber and nutrient rich diet is important for diabetic patients, here are some Prons and cons of consuming oatmeal in diabetes.  

Diabetes Nutrition

It is very tricky to choose the right nutrition for your meal when you are suffering from diabetes. We spoke to an expert Dr. Renuka Sharma, Endocrinologist from Ivory Hospital, Greater Noida regarding diabetes and related diet for benefits. patient needs right amount of balance in their diet to avoid too much fluctuation of blood sugar levels in their diet. The body produces less insulin in the body because of which there could be health complications. Sitting on the right amount of carbs can be effective in controlling the blood sugar in the body. Oatmeal offers a host of health benefits, here are some things you should know about. 


Oatmeal Benefits in Diabetes 

Oats has become a common breakfast in the Indian households as it has become very popular in recent times because of its benefits on health. Oatmeal is a digestible food that can be had with some milk and berries. Fruits can also be added depending on the sugar intake that is allowed to you. Oatmeal can be cooked quickly and nuts can be added for some additional nutrition content.  

It is low in glycemic index and is a very good alternative for healthy diabetic foods, if you do not have too much time to cook it. In fact, it is usually better than meals such as cold cereal, breads, jelly and pancakes with syrup. 

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Pros of Oatmeal for Diabetics 

It helps you to regulate your blood sugar levels. Oats contain moderate to high level of fiber content in them with low glycemic index, therefore it helps to control blood sugar. 

  • Oatmeal improves the heart health and creates soluble fiber content that lowers the cholesterol level in the body. 
  • This meal can reduce the need to insulin that is taken from injection because it is carbohydrate rich breakfast food. 
  • If cooked on time, then it can be very easy meal and can be digested within few minutes 
  • Since oatmeal is high in fiber, therefore it can be more fulfilling and can help you to manage your weight.  
  • It provides with long term source of weight management and helps you stay active.
  • As mentioned earlier, oatmeal can be digested very quickly therefore there are no additional harms or demerits of this diet.  


Cons of Having Oatmeal for Diabetics

If there are benefits, there are demerits too, oatmeal needs to have been had in limited quantity. People often consume instant oats, that spike the blood sugar levels than bringing them down. Eating oatmeal that has been cooked as instant meals has added sugar in it that is not healthy for a diabetic patient.  

Oatmeal can also put negative effect on people that are suffering from gastroparesis, which is said to be delayed gastric emptying. This can put the person to complication, and also it can cause digestive disorder. Fiber is oatmeal can reverse the risk of gastric issues other than this one. 

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Do’s and Don'ts of Oatmeal and Diabetes 

  1. Eat it with some protein and healthy fats, eggs and nut butter can be used in with oatmeal breakfast. Adding some nuts such as walnuts, almonds and protein can be added in order to gain health benefits.  
  2. Choosing old fashioned oats make health choices for breakfast. Higher amount of soluble fiber are more beneficial in their diet.  
  3. Use of cinnamon, that is full of antioxidants have anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the risk of heart diseases. It also improves insulin sensitivity in diabetic patients.  
  4. Do not use prepacked or instant oatmeal that contains added sweeteners in them. 
  5. Do not add dried fruits for the diabetic patients. It has high carbs that can elevate your blood sugar levels. 
  6. Don’t add too much of calorie sweeteners that can cause significantly low levels of blood glucose levels. 
  7. Limit the use of cream if you are a diabetic patient in the oatmeal as it can reduce the health benefits in your diet, rather you can prefer low-fat milk or soya milk.

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