Nutritional Therapy for Children

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Jun 08, 2012

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Nutritional Therapy for ChildrenNutrition therapy involves feeding a person with certain nutrients that facilitate in the natural healing process of any disease that they are suffering from. It tends to work better with kids as their bodies are relatively free from other medical conditions compared to adults. Nutrition therapy is based on the kind of disease a child is suffering from. Some of the diseases in children which have been treated with nutrition therapy are autism, cancer, excess weight gain and special needs.

Nutrition therapy for children with autism

Nutrition therapy for autistic children helps to bring them relief from many symptoms of the disease such as unstable mood, violence, poor concentration, hypersensitivity, insomnia, and others. Studies on nutritional therapy for children with autism have observed that it is best to start at a young age. The improvements start to show in the third week in some cases, but it may take 6-12 months in others. Parents of the children need to be careful in implementing the special nutrition-rich diet.

Nutrition therapy for children with cancer

Nutrition therapy for children involves the unique challenge of providing nutrition for the growing needs of the children as well as treating their condition with nutrition. For this, a new way of passing the nutrition through intestine is developed. All efforts are made to initiate feeding in the usual diet of the child so that apart from the nutritional variation needed for cancer treatment, the necessary nutrients for growth and development are also supplied.

The problem faced by nutrition therapists in this situation is determining the dietary requirements along with optimal nutrition intake. That has been made possible by dietetics.

Steps involved in nutritional therapy for children:

  • Assessing the nutritional requirements and corresponding intake.
  • Identification of nutritional and dietary problems.
  • Making the children adopt good eating habits and patterns.
  • Carefully removing those ingredients from the nutrition therapy diet which may lead to aggravation of the symptoms the child suffers from. In particular, the foods which can cause gastrointestinal problems and behavioural issues in children need to be avoided.
  • Preparing the special prescription of diet recommendation and supplements.

The steps given above may need to be modified depending upon the condition of the patient and a host of other factors. Nutrition therapy can be a very convenient way to treat a disease of children as it only involves modifying the diet for treatment.


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