Now Women can Walk to Avoid Strokes

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Feb 01, 2013

Now Women can Walk to Avoid Strokes

It has been found that women who walk at least three hours every week have chances of suffering from fewer strokes in comparison to women who walk less or do not walk at all. This has been found by a new research team in Spain.


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The lead author of this research Jose Huerta from the Murcia Regional Health Authority in Spain has said, “The message for the general population remains similar: regularly engaging in moderate recreational activity is good for your health”. This has been the perception for a long time as numerous other studies in the past had also linked physical activity to fewer strokes. Strokes are caused by built up plaque in the arteries or the ruptured blood vessel in the brain.


Nearly 33,000 men and women participated by answering a physical activity questionnaire given once in the mid-1990s. Then Huerta and his team divided participants by gender, exercise type and total time spent exercising each week.


The authors, who published their findings in the journal Stroke, checked in with participants periodically to record any strokes. Then during the 12-year follow-up period, a total of 442 strokes occurred among the men and women. The results for women who were regular walkers translated to a 43 percent reduction in stroke risk compared to the inactive group, Huerta said.


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