New Study Finds The Lazy Nations

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Aug 06, 2012

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New Study Finds The Lazy Nations

‘Sloth’ is one of the seven deadly sins referred to in traditional Christian teachings. But keeping words of wisdom aside, being lazy is not a virtue in the modern world too. It can be tangible to the deadly sin good Christians are not supposed to be indulged in.


A recent study shows UK, Saudi Arabia, UAE and South Africa to be the laziest nations in the world. Out of these four nations, UK was found to be the most inactive nation with 63.3% of the population inflicted by laziness. Being lazy is a choice; it is a bad choice that does not allow one to move or work as efficiently as one should. Laziness has an adverse effect on the human body; apart from creating a dull mind it also it does not allow blood to circulate properly in the body. With low level of energy one is unable to do what he or she is supposed to.


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Detune that lazy song and get to work!



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