New age chemotherapy reduces death rate in cancer patients

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Dec 09, 2011

An analysis of the treatment of breast cancer patient’s revealed that doctors reported a survival rate of over one third of the pilot test sample owing to the use of modern chemotherapy techniques.  The findings were published in a The Lancet, credited as the world’s leading journal in oncology by The Early Breast Cancer Trialists Collaborative Group of the University of Oxford.

The research was conducted amongst 123 randomised samples.  Randomised trail technique is a clinical experiment deployed by experts to test the reactions and efficacy of health technologies on a sample.  This study sampled 100,000 women over the time frame of 40 years and observed that new age chemotherapy reduced the mortality rate by one third in women detected with breast cancer. The variables like age of women, size of the tumour, the spread of the tumour to the lymph nodes and whether the patients were ER positive were neutralised.  It was detected that the treatment via endotherapy reduced mortality if the patients were under the treatment for up to five years. Endotherapy is considered to be less toxic and has visibly less side effects as compared to the nerve wrecking process of chemotherapy.

The researchers studied the use of chemotherapy during the early 1980’s and compared the results of them with the result of contemporary chemotherapy. They concluded that modern day chemotherapy practice reduced the mortality risk in breast cancer patients to almost up to one forth. These clinical trials where then compared to even more recent trials and it was witnessed that the death rate reduced in breast cancer patients to over one-sixth of the sample. The study has paved a path of hope for women battling breast cancer. The yardstick to measure the success of science and technology in the contemporary age is not just the reduced death rate of breast cancer patients but also to reduce the number of women subjected to poly-chemotherapy.



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