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Jan 14, 2013

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natural tonics Q. I’m a 40 year old working executive. I travels for at least 4 hours a day to go to work and attend meetings. My routine involves a tight working schedule and leaves me little time to exercise. Are there some natural foods that will help Rev up my evergy levels?

Various environmental stressors like smoke, smog, noise pollution, stress leave us mentally exhausted and cause depletion of energy levels. Although we cannot control environmental stressors, we can definitely control what we eat. Try incorporating nature’s best tonics and boost your energy levels.


• Begin with sprouts: Sprouts are the best alkalizing live foods which neutralize the acids generated through stress, pollution, eating out etc and further precipitate disease conditions and low energy levels. Sprouting the grains causes their proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals to be predigested into more useable form for the body. Other than moong sprouts even whole wheat, kabuli channa, black channa, moth, makti, whole masoor, jowar, bajri, soya beans, alfalfa seeds etc can be sprouted.


• Drink up your vegetables: Making vegetable juice causes loss of the fiber in them, but gives a higher concentration of alkalizing mineral salts, chlorophyll (the green colouring matter in plants) and enzymes. Drinking vegetable juices helps remove toxins and acids from the body and nourishes every cell. It improves oxygenation of the tissues and improves energy levels. Raw vegetable juices provide a whole lot of phytochemicals that have powerful anti-cancer properties, help delay the aging process and energize our systems. We can make juice of vegetables like dudhi, carrots, tomatoes, wheatgrass, mint and coriander and add a dash of lime juice and rock salt to create something more appetizing.


• Soyamilk: The Bone Tonic: The milk of the Far East, soya milk can benefit everyone-school going children, menopausal women, men suffering from diabetes and heart diseases. It is a significant source of protein, calcium and essential fats, which are beneficial for brain development, lowering blood cholesterol and controlling menopausal symptoms. It is especially beneficial for vegetarians who consume very little proteins. Soya milk is available as flavoured milk or plain milk in tetrapacks.

All this in my opinion is easy to find and easy to follow and most importantly - It  works!

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