6 Things To Know About Nail Extensions Before Trying It

People get extensions to make their nails look more attractive. Here are some things you should know before trying it. Read on. 

Navya Kharbanda
Written by: Navya KharbandaPublished at: May 19, 2022Updated at: May 19, 2022
6 Things To Know About Nail Extensions Before Trying It

Nail extensions are one of the most famous ways to get longer, stronger and more attractive nails. People love to get unique styles and colourful colours on their extensions. Nail care is something that most people don't focus on, but it is surely a major part of grooming and presentation. Nail extension is a trick to get the best out of nail art and polish. The technique is to use gel or acrylic nails to extend your natural nail. However, this comes with a range of benefits as well as side effects. You can make your nails look better, but be prepared for the collateral damage. There are many dos and don'ts that first timers should keep in mind. Sure, it is just another beauty enhancing procedure. But, if you are getting your nails done for the first time, make sure to know everything about it beforehand. Keep reading to know about some important things about nail extensions before trying them. 

Things to know about nail extensions 

Firstly, do not just visit anywhere to get your nails done. Go to a proper nail salon to get nail extensions done from a professional nail technician. Enjoy the time in getting those pretty nails, but stay informed about the latest trends and consequences of nail extensions. Listed below are 6 things to know about nail extensions before trying it: 

1. It is expensive and time consuming  

nail extensions

If you are going to get your nails done for the first time, then be aware about all the facts. You should know that nail extensions are not cheap. They cost can range from anywhere between Rs 600-5000. They are expensive but it also depends on the nail salon you choose. Moreover, it takes a lot of time to fix the extensions. It can take upto 1-1.5 hours for your nail tech to finish your nails. So, make time and be prepared for the process! 

2. There are two types 

Most people are not aware about this but there are two types of nail extensions that you can get done, gel and acrylic. They seem similar but are two totally different things. When we talk about acrylics, an artificial nail tip is stuck on the lengths of your nails and then a powder and liquid are mixed to apply over it. On the other hand, gel nail extensions are applied using a premade mixture that is applied on the real nail bed. For shorter nails, it is better to stick to gel nail extensions. 

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3. Makes your real nails brittle 

People who get nail extensions frequently know exactly what this point is about. Thr whole procedure is extremely harmful for your actual nails. The mail bed becomes brittle, hence be careful while getting them removed too. It can take upto 3-4 weeks for your nails to gain back the strength to come to their original state. Acrylic nail extensions can worsen the nail health and quality more than gel ones. 

4. They don't function like real nails

If you are thinking that nail extensions function exactly like your real nails, then that is a myth. Your actual nails are very different from this aruficial set. They might feel good, but is not the ideal choice if you have to to household chores or typing at work. You cannot do all the things using nail extensions like how you do with your real nails. 

5. Nail extensions stay for 4-5 weeks 

Nail extensions are not permanent! They stay for 4-6 weeks, which also depends on the nail extension quality and your nail salon. They stay for only a few weeks as there will be a gap between the acrylic extension and your cuticle as your nail starts growing slowly. Your actual nails don't get any breathing space which proves to be irritating at times. 

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6. Nail extensions cannot be removed at home 

Nail extensions are not easy to remove at home. Also, it is surely not instructed to pull them off your nail bed. Do not apply force to remove it at home as it can lead to damage of your own nails. In severe cases, the extensions can take your real nail along if applied unnecessary force during removal. It is best to go to the nail technician to get the nail extensions removed. 

Nail extensions make your hands look prettier. However, you need to weigh all the pros and cons of their removal. Maintaining the nail extensions is also a major part of this process. These extensions stay for a specific time period ranging from 5-6 weeks, also depending on the quality of your nails. For all the first timers, follow all the dos and don'ts of nail extensions as guided by the nail salon incharge.