Got Fake Nails Done? Follow These Dos and Don’ts To Prevent Them From Chipping

If you love acrylic or fake nails, you must ensure following these acrylic nails care tips to keep them secure.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: May 12, 2022Updated at: May 12, 2022
Got Fake Nails Done? Follow These Dos and Don’ts To Prevent Them From Chipping

These days, fake nails or acrylic nails have become very common. Earlier, it used be limited to celebrities, weddings, event and special functions. But now, a lot of girls and women can be seen donning acrylic nails. Be it to make nails long or beautify them, different people get acrylic nail done for different reasons. However, this beauty is very high-maintenance and not all can keep them safe. Agree or not, it is easy to damage acrylic nails especially if you do household work. So, they must exercise some care tips to not damage these fake nails and prevent them from chipping off. If you are fond of acrylic nails and have them, here are some dos and don’ts that can keep your nails safe.

Dos and don'ts of acrylic nails

If you are wondering how to keep acrylic nails on longer without damaging them, make sure you follow these care tips.


Get thin layer of acrylic done

First things first, there are two types of acrylic nails- thin and thick. If you are new to fake nail game, opt for thinner layer. This is a lightweight layer that gives a natural look to your nails and easy to maintain.

Do trim your nails often

Fake nails are pasted over your real nails and so, when real ones grows, the gap becomes evident. This can make your nails look fake. So, it is necessary to get them trimmed regularly and get touchups done when you see the difference between nails is visible.

Acrylic nails dos and donts

Do keep them short

In order to keep fake nails for long, go for shorter nails. Length plays a very important role in maintaining nail health. Along with length, shape is also important. For example, oval shape is decent and sturdy. Similarly, if you are looking for long wear fake nails, try basic and simple designs such as nudes that can go well with all sorts of outfits and occasions. 

Do wear gloves when doing household chores

If you do regular house works, make sure you wear gloves to prevent damage to your acrylic nails. It is easy to damage nails while doing other works and your fake nails may stuck somewhere and chip off. This also makes them prone to infections.

Do nourish your nails

Getting fake nails is a commitment that you need to fulfill. Nourishing your nails and taking good care of them is of utmost importance. Not just painting them nails but you also need to file the cuticles. Besides, you should use a nail cream and hand cream to keep the nails nourished, healthy and soft.


Here are some things to avoid to maintain your acrylic nails.

Don’t bite nails

Acrylic nails dos and donts

If you have a habit of biting your nails, you must not do it with acrylic nails. While real nails remain in place, fake nails can get easily damages due to nail-biting habit. This can cause cracks and broken nails.

Don’t use acetone

If you suddenly dislike the color on your fake nails and planning to remove it using a nail pain remover, DON’T. Acetone present in most nail polish removers can weaken fake nails and can also impact your real nails. 

Don’t open anything sharp with your nails

Opening cans, playing ball games, etc. Are some things that you should avoid doing with fake nails. This can cause breakage and even chip off. Imagine one nail chipped off and others secure. So, avoid this.

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