Nagging Wife key to Shedding Kilos

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Dec 18, 2012

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Nagging wife key to shedding kilos

A new research based in the United States of America has claimed that ladies are the best motivators for men to lose extra weight.


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According to the research, men are more likely to shed weight if they face constant criticism from their better halves rather than fake encouragement.

American researchers found that men got better results in their effort to shed weight after they were subjected to rejection and criticism from their wives. But this approach doesn’t work for women,


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The study also found that women give their men a hard time for putting on extra kilos.

The scientists from the University of California, the Southern Methodist University and the Florida State University mentioned that as women regularly face intense pressure to stay fit and slim from various social quarters, a few cruel words from their men is less likely to make any difference.  

They further claimed that sometimes negative reaction can deliver positive results in relationship.


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