Test for AIDS is now cheaper and Faster with Mobile Device

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Oct 23, 2013

new testing for AIDSA nanotechnology firm which is based in Boston has reportedly created a mobile device which can accurately test for AIDS within an hour.

Nanobiosym has now invented an iPad sized device which is called Gene-Radar. Iit works by taking a blood or saliva sample or other bodily fluid and placing it on a nanochip. This nanochip is then put into the device for testing.

This technology is expected to revolutionize medicine, track disease outbreaks in real time. It would also help to contain them, proliferate the personalization of medicine and change the nature if an individual’s relationship with his or her caretakers.

Dr. Anita Goel who is the Chairman and CEO of Nanobiosym said in her statement that there are multiple types of AIDS tests, while some aren’t very accurate, others could cost a lot of money. Gene Radar can now bring the cost down and also the time taken to recognise disease in two weeks. The device can apparently also track and contain disease outbreaks.

The company has also designed an app with similar potential.

The report added that Gene-Radar can track diseases with a genetic footprint from the beginning so that care can be swift and also factors in element, such as how a patient reacts to gluten, that could affect the type of medicine used.

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