Misconceptions About Coronavirus That You Need Not Believe

Here are some misconceptions about coronavirus that you must know for proper prevention from this global health disaster.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Feb 04, 2020Updated at: Feb 05, 2020
Misconceptions About Coronavirus That You Need Not Believe

The coronavirus outbreak has been declared as a global health emergency by WHO. This is epidemic novel coronavirus is spreading like wildfire and with that, a lot of hoaxes are also being circulated. For example, only Chinese people are infected with nCoV; eating Chinese food can give you coronavirus; prevention vaccination is available, etc. and a lot more. We would like to bust some of the common misconceptions about coronavirus that are surfacing these days.

Misconception #1: 2019-nCoV is more deadly and spreading more rapidly as compared to any other virus.

Social media is acting as fuel to the fire. The problem is being projected more than it actually is which is making people scared. This virus is the same as the other viruses and it can only be spread with close contact with the infected person. It spreads at its own pace and it equally dangerous as other epidemics spread so far.

coronavirus spread

Misconception #2: Survival chances are zero and the infected person would only die.

If you hear someone saying that coronavirus causes death, don’t believe. These are just rumors. There is only a little truth in these statements as the infected person would eventually die but not from this virus infection. The person would die of other diseases that too years later after infection.

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Misconception #3: There is a vaccine for coronavirus treatment

There have been several claims that a vaccine has been developed to control this infection but that isn’t completely true. It takes a lot of time in developing a vaccine for some virus or infection after it is diagnosed. Also, it undergoes testing before it is made available for use.

coronavirus vaccine

There is news that Thailand has developed a coronavirus-prevention vaccine but nothing is confirmed as yet.

Misconception #4: Coronavirus infection can be treated with natural therapies

As per the World Health Organization(WHO), natural therapies and other alternative treatments can not treat this deadly virus. It is rumored that a cocktail of anti-flu and HIV drugs can treat this condition. WHO has rubbished this news. Read what WHO tweeted about antibiotic treatment for coronavirus.

Misconception #5: Consuming Chinese food or food items imported from China can give you coronavirus

Even though this virus originated in China, it doesn’t mean that this can be spread through Chinese food. The news has it that this spread from a meat market in Wuhan, China. This is why these rumors are being fueled. As long as the food is made with organic ingredients, it is safe to be consumed.

coronavirus outbreak

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Misconception #6: Coming In Direct Contact With Chinese People Can Make You Infected

This is simply absurd! Firstly, this virus can grip anybody and not just Chinese people. Secondly, it can only be spread after coming in close contact with the infected person. Those who were living in China irrespective of nationality are suspected to carry this virus as they travel. This means you need to maintain distance with any and every person who has recently come back from China.

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