Migrant health should be a major concern for nations according to WHO

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Sep 05, 2013

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Quick Bites

  • There are one billion migrants in the world currently.
  • They are wanted by nations to lend a hand on the workload for development.
  • It is necessary to address their health matter and concerns if they are to work and live a quality life.
  • WHO points out the important aspects of migrant health.

migrant health a matter of concernThe World Health Organisation reports that there are an estimated one billion migrants in the world presently, and 214 million of them are international migrants, while 740 million are internal migrants. This suggests that there is a growing need for the collective health requirement of this sizeable population, most of who are in search of a better life.

The migrating population comprises of a wide range of populations, these are workers, refugees, students, undocumented migrants and others. Each of them has different health determinants, needs and unique levels of vulnerability. The WHO further goes on to explain that at a time when the current globalised world scenario is defined by profound disparities, skill shortages, demographic imbalances, changes in economic and political outcomes, migrants are essential for some societies. This is because they are able to compensate for the demographic trends and skill shortages that create a void and hinder development.

This is why it is very necessary to keep a check on health of migrants and health matters that are associated with migration. The governments while welcoming such migrants with open arms should be able to take their health matters seriously. This notion formed the basis for the Resolution on the "health of migrants" which was endorsed by the Sixty-first WHA in May 2008. WHO's work in the domain of migrant health is guided by the action points of this Resolution.

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