Mental Health Day: Mental Illness Stigma Affects an Individual’s Job Prospects

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Oct 10, 2012

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Mental Illness Stigma

The panel of Australian researchers in a study conducted by WISE Employment has found that stigma related to mental illnesses is a major obstacle for a job seeker than any other physical disability or disease. WISE employment is a non-profit organisation, which helps job seekers to find desired job profile.

This new study is a part of ‘Mental Health Week’, being  observed globally from October 7- 13 October every year. The study revealed that for a person, who had suffered from a mental illness in the past, it is difficult even after the treatment to find meaningful work. It is because of the stigma associated with an individual with psychological problem, which engulfs his chances of employment opportunities.


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WISE is working towards the eradication of the disgrace attached to mental disorders by emphasising that the presence of a psychological disorder does not affect a person’s job performance. The study showed that 72 per cent of small and medium organisations that have employed a person with mental illness reported to have positive experience. The research by WISE maintained that patients with some form of mental disorders can be entrusted with certain responsibilities at work (as a part of the profile) and are competent and efficient enough to carry out their job.

NAMI, National Alliance on Mental Illness, another NPO, explains that most of the mental illness patients, who receive professional help, have improved symptoms and a better quality of life compared to those who do not receive any treatment.


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