Male Infertility Treated with Synthetic Sperm Protein

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Aug 12, 2014

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study to treat infertilityGood news for couples who are trying to have a baby but are affected by infertility. A new method has been devised by researchers that will use a synthetic version of the sperm originated protein which is known as PAWP.

This is said to be sufficient and is required to initiate the process of fertilization. This finding is indeed important as it promises to diagnose and treat the cases of male infertility wherein the patient’s sperm is not able to induce the activation of egg to form an embryo.

Richard Oko from Queen’s University in Canada said in a statement, “PAWP is able to induce embryo development in human eggs in a fashion similar to the natural triggering of embryo development by the sperm cell during fertilization. Based on our findings, we envision that physicians will be able to improve their diagnosis and treatment of infertility, a problem that affects 10-15 percent of couples worldwide.”

The study which was published n the FASEB journal had highlighted the potential of the clinical application of sperm PAWP as the predictor of infertility treatment. Most of these infertility treatments are done with the help of injecting a single sperm directly into the egg. The supplementation of the human sperm with the help of PAWP protein could be used to successfully improve the success rate of infertility treatments in men.

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