Lower Blood Glucose Levels can Trigger Domestic Violence

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Apr 15, 2014

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If you end up losing your temper and end up lashing out at your partner, it could be because of lower blood glucose levels. A recent study shows that hunger that is caused by lower levels of blood sugar levels can be said to cause marital arguments, domestic violence and confrontations.

lower glucose levels can cause divorceThe researchers supported the fact that a lot of people can relate to getting angry when they were hungry. In fact, there is a slang term for such a feeling, which is referred to as “hangry”. The research involved at least 107 married couples and it started with them completing a relationship satisfaction measure in which each spouse had to tell how much they agreed to certain statements such as “I feel satisfied with our relationship”. The study lasted for 21 days during which researchers predicted how angry each participant was with their partner that evening (the blood sugar levels were measured every night).

After 21 days, people who generally had lower levels of glucose in their body were willing to lash out at their partner at a higher volume and for longer time compared with those who had higher levels of glucose.

Researchers said that being hangry can therefore, affect one’s behaviour in an undesirable way even in the most intimate relationships.

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