Life expectancy with bone marrow cancer

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Jan 13, 2011

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Bone marrow cancer is caused due to the formation of a tumour within the bone structure, specifically affecting the bone marrow, the soft, spongy tissue area inside the bone. Bone cancer life expectancy depends on various factors.


Apart from factors like the sex, age, race, the overall health of the person, the time span for which the patient has had the symptoms and the kind of treatment the patient is going through, the bone marrow cancer life expectancy depends on the stage of the tumour formation or the extent to which the cancer has spread.


Bone marrow cancer basically refers to a situation where the cancerous tumours form a clotting, in the form of a lump, within the bone marrow. Gradually, the cancerous cells spread to the various other parts and organs of the body, diagnosed in the form of stages of bone marrow cancer. So, while the first stage  isn’t seen as a potentially life-threatening scenario,  , the second and third stage of bone cancer points toward an extreme situation.


Bone marrow cancer life expectancy has various methods of evaluation. There are three main stages of bone marrow cancer. The first stage consists of an albumin level greater than or equal to 3.5. Here, the life expectancy is 62 months after diagnosis. Then, in stage 2, the life expectancy is 44 months after the diagnosis happens. The lowest life expectancy is in the third stage, that is, 29 months post diagnosis.


Thus, one has to be aware of the various symptoms of bone marrow cancer. Some of these are excessive weaknesses, bone pain, , bone collapse and thus a subsequent increase in the calcium level in the blood due to bone breakage.. Vision impairment, confusion and frequent headaches and infections are some more symptoms of bone marrow cancer.



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