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Is Your Blood Pressure Fluctuating Constantly? Know Symptoms, Causes & Risks For Labile Hypertension

Labile hypertension could be caused because of sudden increase or decrease in blood pressure, here is all you need to know about it.

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: May 25, 2022Updated at: May 25, 2022
Is Your Blood Pressure Fluctuating Constantly? Know Symptoms, Causes & Risks For Labile Hypertension

Hypertension can be very challenging problem to deal with. Even though it has become very common now, but increase or decrease in blood pressure at sudden moments could be very harmful for your health. Hypertension could be of many types and therefore you need to be very specific about things that could affect hypertension. If your blood pressure revolves up and down constantly throughout the day, then it could be labile hypertension. This is one type of hypertension where blood pressure goes to abnormally low or abnormally high levels instantly. It could lead to many risky situations, and thus you need to know everything about it to prevent adversities.  

What is Labile Hypertension? 

We spoke to Dr. Arun Mehra, Senior Cardiologist and Consultant from BNK Hospital, Pune to know about labile hypertension in details. He said that labile hypertension is when your blood pressure has deflection constantly. This might happen twice to more times in a day. Hypertension reading in this condition are usually at extreme levels and this increases the chances of fatalities. People that suffer from labile hypertension tend to have blood pressure measurements of 130/80mm Hg for a short period and then return to normal range in a couple of hours. The person having these changes does not feel much difference other than some mild symptoms.  


Symptoms of Labile Hypertension 

Not everyone are going to have same symptoms, some might feel the hypertension, whereas others don’t feel much symptoms. Even after that you should be aware of the following problems- 

  • Headaches 
  • Heart palpitations 
  • Flushing  
  • Ringing in the ears, also known as tinnitus 

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Labile Hypertension vs Paroxysmal Hypertension 

So paroxysmal hypertension is quite similar to that of labile hypertension. In paroxysmal hypertension, there is a certain type of labile high blood pressure conditions that could be little different from exact labile one. 

As labile hypertension occurs mostly during the emotional and stressful situations, the paroxysmal hypertension can be caused because of repressed emotions. The later condition could also occur because of past trauma and situations that trigger a person.  

Labile hypertension might not have many symptoms, whereas paroxysmal hypertension could have distressing symptoms that may cause a number of evident symptoms. These can be headaches, weakness in the body, feeling intense fear, especially fear of death. 


Risks Associated with Labile Hypertension 

There could be temporary increase in blood pressure that might affect your health and could put a strain on your organs. Sudden fluctuations in the blood pressure could lead to dangerous spike in pressure and thus affect kidney damage, blood vessels, eyes and heart.  

Fluctuations in the blood pressure can be particularly problematic for people having pre-existing health problems. Especially those who have cerebral palsy, aortic aneurysm, blood vessels conditions and angina could be affected. 

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Doctor believes that labile hypertension could actually result to fixed hypertension. In the recent times, it is revealed that it could actually increase the risk of heart failure. You must try to fix the conditions and get treated if you do not want to fall for complications such as the following- 

  1. Kidney damage 
  2. Transient ischemic attack 
  3. Stroke 

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