Know why feminine hygiene products are not that important

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Jan 11, 2017

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Quick Bites

  • You don't really need feminine hygiene products.
  • Your private organs need attention but fancy products are not needed.
  • A warm water wash is enough sometimes.

Being a woman how often do you think twice before making use of a public restroom or maybe just quit the thought of even using it? We all are a bit sceptical about using public toilets because we all are concerned about our vaginal hygiene.  And I don’t really think that being concerned about feminine hygiene is a bad thing, being cautious can spare us a lot of trouble. However, how important are feminine hygiene products? The ones that are available in the market, how effective are they? The fact is that you do not need any feminine hygiene product.




If you are cleaning your vagina with some warm water, it will be fine. Not many people aware of the fact that vagina is an acidic region, protecting against the bacteria naturally all by itself. If you are washing it or cleaning it with fancy feminine hygiene products, you are tampering with the pH level of vagina and it can also promote growth of yeast and bacteria in vagina.

How you can maintain feminine hygiene without making use of  feminine hygiene?


Practicing good feminine hygiene


  • You should not use deodorants, perfumes and powder in the vaginal region. It would not kill the odour down there because most of the times, the bad smell is from the inner thighs and the skin folds. In order, to resolve the issue, you should maintain a healthy weight and take care of the cellulite on the thighs. Take up exercises and work on your thighs.


  • You should avoid wearing fashionable underpants like things and tight panties made of silk and other synthetic fabrics instead choose cotton underpants as they are the healthiest for your vagina. You can also consider going all natural while going to sleep. Yes, sleeping with no panties or underpants on can let your vagina breathe properly.


  • Wear loose fitting pants and pajamas while sleeping. Maintain a proper hygiene and wash your panties regularly and wash them separate from other clothes.


  • During periods, use tampons or menstrual cups and change them frequently to avoid formation of bacteria and yeast.


  • Avoid wearing pantyhose and panties that are way too tight.



As far as sex is concerned

All you need is a warm water shower. Wash your vagina with some warm water before sex and it is important that you urinate after having sex. Also you should use condoms to avoid any sort of irritation. Vaginal discharges are very normal, don’t always have to worry.

However, being concerned about your feminine organs is a good thing and you can and must seek expert help when in doubt but for now, know that feminine hygiene products are not that important.



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