Know-How Calcium Deficiency Affects Your Body

All are well-known with the importance of calcium for the body. The pain in the body joints and white spots on other parts is called the sign of calcium deficiency.

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Aug 01, 2019Updated at: Aug 02, 2019
Know-How Calcium Deficiency Affects Your Body

We all are aware of the importance of calcium for the body. Calcium is needed at every step of life, beginning from childhood to old age. Pain in the joints of the body and white spots on other parts is commonly known as the sign of calcium deficiency, but do you know that calcium deficiency can be dangerous to your mind, body, and health? And therefore the calcium deficiency should not be overlooked. Lack of calcium can cause many problems in the body causes a feeling of unhealthiness. We know that many of you are unaware of its hazardous effects. But with this article, we will tell you, how calcium deficiency affects several parts of our body by weakening them.

Calcium deficiency leads to weakened bones

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Lack of calcium in the body is dangerous to humans. Due to the lack of calcium, the development of bones in the body disrupts, which causes them to become weak. Not only that, due to the weakness of the bones, the person feels uncomfortable and tired. Also, the weakness of the bones causes the person to suffer not only physically but also mentally. Along with this, there is often a problem of pain in the bones. Therefore, ignoring such deficiency can cause harmful impacts on your body. Hence, you must consult a doctor and take the maximum of a calcium-rich diet.

Calcium deficiency affects the brain's health

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Lack of calcium not only weakens the bones but also weakens the brain. Calcium deficiency causes our brain to shrink and the neurotransmitters of the brain cannot work properly. And as they cannot work properly, neurotransmitters start affecting the functioning of the brain. It causes the person to feel mentally unhealthy.

Calcium also affects heart activities

Calcium deficiency in the body also affects the system of the heart. Due to the lack of calcium, the heart becomes weak and the risk of heart attack and several other cardiovascular diseases increases. Since calcium deficiency reduces the speed of the heart, thereby the flow of blood stops in the body of the person and it becomes difficult to breathe. In this situation, the person begins to feel unwell and energyless. Therefore, the doctor advises that on calcium deficiency one must increase the intake of calcium-rich foods such as milk, almonds, litchi, nut, germinated grains, etc.