Judging Man by the Face

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Dec 06, 2012

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Judging Man by the Face

A new study has found that women can judge the fidelity of their man just by looking at their faces.  The signs that prove whether a man would be infidel or not includes, classic masculine features, such as a wide, angular jaw, a square chin and a prominent brow, according to the research. On the contrary women who are looking for more than one man are difficult to read when it comes to their fidelity.


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The research recruited almost 200 volunteers and photographed them, and the men and women were asked how attractive they were and whether they has ever cheated in their relationship.

It was found during the research that it wasn’t just the faces they were drawn towards were not to be trusted. Instead, they were linking masculinity with infidelity. In contrast, the men were poor at picking out the women who had a history of cheating.


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