IVF Procedure - Step by Step

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Feb 09, 2012

IVF procedure   step by step

Hundreds and thousands of children are born every year through the IVF process. A deeper knowledge of IVF procedure step-by-step, will help you to clear your apprehensions about opting for the fertility treatment or any other treatment. Explained in non-medical terms, this article will be of great use to people seeking IVF process.

Step 1

On the first day of your menstrual cycle, you will go through few blood tests and have an ultrasound to check your ovaries.


This ultrasound ensures that the work on your ovaries and no cysts are formed in them. During menstrual cycles, doctors will ask you to undergo several blood tests so that they can monitor the response of your follicles to the lupron (a drug). Once your follicles reach a certain size, you will be monitored daily.

After monitoring, you will be given another drug known as ‘trigger' shot. Your doctor will tell you the exact time at which this shot will be given. Usually, at this time, 1/5 of IVF procedures are cancelled due to certain ovarian problems.

Step 2

After two days of trigger shot, the very painful process called egg retrieval will start. It requires you to fast for 24-hours and further drugs will be given in this period. During this process, you will be given intravenous pain relief. Eggs will be removed and then stored in an IVF incubator until fertilization. Having eight eggs is considered a good sign. Less than eight infers that you have chances of being left with no surviving embryos.  Sad to say, but it is very common.

Step 3

After egg retrieval, the doctor will give you antibiotics to prevent infection and progesterone for the development of the uterine lining. Doctors may also prescribe you medication to prevent clotting in the tiny vessels leading to the uterus.

Step 4

While the eggs are in the process of retrieval, the male partner will be asked to provide sperm through masturbation. Surgical sperm removal is used when a man has had a vasectomy or his ejaculation consists no sperm. Doctors also prepare the sperm for fertilisation at the clinic.

Step 5

After the sperm and egg retrieval process, doctor will combine your egg and the sperm. Doctors will leave the fertilised egg in a special medium containing salt, protein and antibiotics. , The fertilised egg will be left in an incubator for some time. During this period, an embryologist carries out regular checking of the development of an embryo. If everything goes in the right direction, you will have an embryo ready for implantation after three to five days of healthy growth.

Step 6

Implantation of an embryo is a simple and painless process. For implantation, the embryo is left in a fluid and placed in a catheter.  The catheter is led into the uterus and placed on the womb lining. Good news is on its way and you need to wait for two weeks for a pregnancy test. The doctor prescribes certain food and supplements that are thought to be helpful for implantation.

The given systematic IVF process will give you a brief idea of the stages involved.  Instead of buying a pregnancy test kit, you are advised to wait until the blood test shows the right result. Pregnancy test kits may potentially give a false result.


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