It's official now, women do have better memories than men

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Nov 11, 2016

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A recent study about memory power of middle aged people reveals that women are less  forgetful than men. So the myth that women are "brain-fog" is now busted.


This study suggests that middle-aged women outperform age-matched men on all memory measures, although memory does decline as women enter postmenopause phase.




For the study, the team included 212 men and women aged 45 to 55 years and assessed their episodic memory, executive function, semantic processing, and estimated verbal intelligence through cognitive testing. The study suggested that women have a great tendency to remember the things even after long time in comparison to men.


However,  the memory of women tends to fade with decreasing levels of oestrogen,a female sex hormone. The levels of oestrogen decline once the women enter the post-menopause phase. Memory loss is a well-documented consequence of the ageing process.


Despite these conditions working against them, middle-aged women still outscore their similarly aged male counterparts on all memory measures, the researchers said.


This study was published in the journal Menopause.



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