Do you really need vitamin D supplement?

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Nov 10, 2016

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Vitamin D deficiency is something about which we had talked much in last few years. Now the new data shows that many of us are taking excess of vitamin D supplement in form of pills and powder. Doctors and health care experts have warned about the overdose of vitamin D.

As per the recent survey, vitamin D supplementati

on is not required by everyone. The side effect of excessive vitamin D intake includes nausea, burning sensation in chest, vomiting, constipation, kidney stones and increased heart rhythm with severe manifestation in future if the condition is left undiagnosed.


Vitamin D supplementation


 Now days there is a trend of vitamin D level estimation as part of the routine test. It is not mandatory to go for this test as routine test but it is required if a person observe ant swelling in bone or any kind of pain. Experts suggest that the levels of vitamin D fluctuate with change in climatic condition and the change in work profile of the person.


The decreased level of vitamin D is naturally maintained by sunlight and food items like milk, eggs and fish. In some cases when vitamin D level is depleted supplement is required and recommended.


Milk and oily fish are some of the vitamin D sources. Food with milk as its ingredient should have some trace amounts of it as well. So know your requirement and then only go for vitamin D supplements.


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