Is bikram yoga safe for back pain?

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Sep 01, 2017

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Quick Bites

  • Bikram Yoga, also known as 'Hot Yoga', relaxes the muscles.
  • Bikram Yoga is particularly suitable for lower back problems.
  • You must avoid sharp forward bends if the pain is too much.

Bikram Yoga is a popular yogic form which comprises of twenty six different postures and 2 breathing  exercises. The room is heated to about 40 degrees celcius before performing these postures and each of these is known to possess healing properties for specific veins, muscles, joints, ligaments and internal organs of the body.

Now, the debate centres on the advantages and disadvantages of practicing Bikram Yoga for back pain. Although, seeking medical advice is essential before subjecting your body to any sort of physical exercise when in pain, Bikram Yoga for back pain is considered not only safe but advantageous too. 

Natasha suffered a fatal car accident which left her back muscles weak. Due to acute lower back pain her body movements were severely restricted. Medically, nothing could have be done apart from resorting to strong pain killers. And this is when she decided to try Bikram Yoga for back pain. As she started practicing the postures twice a week; the improvements were stupendous. Gradually, she returned to normal life with very few restrictions. Therefore answers to questions like is Bikram Yoga safe for back pain, are definitely very reassuring and get a thumping “yes”! 

Bikram yoga for back pain: Advantages 

There are several advantages of resorting to Bikram Yoga for treating back related problems. Some of them are:

  • Back pain is normally caused due to rigidity and weakness of muscles. Bikram Yoga, also known as 'Hot Yoga', relaxes the muscles and strengthens the ones supporting the hips and shoulders, providing much relief to backaches .
  • Bikram Yoga is particularly suitable in cases of herniated discs which cause major lower back problems. Some of the poses provide miraculous impacts in such cases and can be a better alternative to long term medications.
  • Sciatica pains, which are primarily nerve oriented problems, can also be soothed substantially with such Bikram Yoga sessions. Sciatica pains worsen during emotional turbulence of any kind and it is then thatBikram Yoga helps you gain control over your emotions so that such aggravated pains can be controlled.
  • Sometimes, women experience chronic lower back aches, which worsen during premenstrual symptoms. Bikram Yoga can be useful in such cases as well. It helps in relaxing muscles and flushing of toxins from the body, facilitating painless and free movement of the body. 


The advantages of Bikram Yoga for backaches are subject to certain mandatory precautions. Some of them are:

  • Postures need to be practiced under the guidance and supervision of a trained instructor.
  • Your yogic postures should be accurate Assessyour  pain endurance leve so that you do not subject it to more than what your body can handle.
  • Avoid sharp forward bends if the pain is too much.

So what are you waiting for. Practice Bikram Yoga and avail the benefits it has to offer!

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