Is Baldness Affecting Your Confidence? Hair Patch Treatment Can Help You Bring Back Your Charm

Hair patch treatment is a rather safe, effective and inexpensive mode of hair restoration and to put an end to baldness

Gandharv Gulati
Fashion & BeautyWritten by: Gandharv GulatiPublished at: Jan 13, 2020Updated at: Jan 13, 2020
Is Baldness Affecting Your Confidence? Hair Patch Treatment Can Help You Bring Back Your Charm

Poor diet and environmental problems not only affect physical health but also hair health. Wondering how hair and diet are related? Well, hair falls or breaks due to nutrient deficiency as we aren’t sufficing the nutrient needs of the body. Talking about the environment, exposure to pollution causes hair damage, which gradually leads to baldness.

Currently, there are several techniques and treatments for baldness to plant hair or trigger hair re- growth. The two most popular baldness treatments are-hair transplantation and patch treatment. While hair transplantation is said to have a high success rate, it is highly expensive which a lot of people can’t afford. Hair patch treatment, on the other hand, is inexpensive and effective both. This article contains all the information about hair patch treatment that can help you understand this procedure better.


What Is Hair Patch Treatment?

A hair patch treatment is a non-surgical treatment, in which a patch of hair or an extension is placed in an area where baldness has occurred or where the hair is short. It is a very effective method of hair transplant, especially for those who do not want to opt for a surgical procedure or are not financially strong to have hair transplant surgery.

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How Is Hair Patch Treatment Carried?

  • Hair patch treatment, also known as artificial hair restoration, is one of the easiest and painless options for baldness, especially in cases of partial hair loss. Hair patch treatment mainly prevents excessive hair loss and baldness.
  • In hair patch treatment, a prosthetic hair wig is placed using cosmetic glue in the parts where there are lesser hair growth and maximum baldness.
  • The prosthetic hair patch is made to resemble the patient's hair so that it merges well with the hair and sits completely on its head.
  • This treatment is carried in a few hours but prosthetic hair may take about a week to form.


Hair Care Tips After Hair Patch treatment

There are no special instructions for hair care after this prosthetic hair restoration treatment but it is better to be careful. Here are some tips to follow after this treatment:

  • Be gentle with your hair and don’t comb with rough hands at least until the hair restoration is complete.
  • Use herbal hair products to prevent any problem.
  • Don’t get any hair treatment without your doctor’s permission.
  • Prevent the use of heat styling products for a few weeks or months.

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Are There Any Side-Effects Of Hair Patch Treatment?


There are no specific side-effects of the hair patch treatment process. It certainly does not cause allergies or reactions in most cases, as cosmetic glue is used to secure the wig and make the wig for the patient. So that the patient does not have any allergies or infections. If still, you face any trouble, consult your doctor immediately.

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