Internet use disorder

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Oct 15, 2012

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Internet use disorder

Perhaps, Neil Postman’s book title, Amusing Ourselves to Death is apt to explain the result of a recent research conducted by psychologists. Children addicted to various gizmos and the internet in general suffer from what has been named, internet- use disorder. Psychologists have said that video games and other internet addiction shares the same characteristics like that of other addicts. Emotional shutdown, lack of concentration and withdrawal symptoms are common in such people if the preferred gadgets are removed. In fact, there are already many rehabilitation centers for video game addicts and internet addicts.


[Watch: Signs and Symptoms of a Child's Addiction to the Internet]

While with children the main issue is gaming, the overall problem is the use of technology and how it is handled by people in general. The results could be devastating if not taken seriously. Sleep deprivation, eating disorder, hygiene and other such basic human needs usually go for a toss at such times. Though it has been included in a worldwide psychiatric manual, it will take some time to stand among the other already established mental disorder. Psychologists are still at work on this one.

Professor of psychology, Mike Kyrios said that, children with underlying obsessive compulsive disorders could be at risk from technology overuse.


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