Important Records Cancer Survivors Should Keep

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Aug 07, 2012

Important Records Cancer Survivors Should Keep

Cancer is a battle that most people do not win. But the ones who win have to go through a rigorous fight which leaves a lot of scars behind. Survivors must always, under all circumstances keep their records, their cancer related records. Cancer being a very massive and complicated disease has a lot of paper work and extensive test results. Therefore, it is very important to keep tab of all the various paper work related to the disease. This record should include test results, treatment reports, and notes written by your doctor for each doctor, hospital, or clinic you have visited.


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The reason why you are required to keep such paper works and documents is because you may have to show such documents in the near future for many reasons. They can be needed for employment benefit records, insurance policies, and credit reports or just for personal record. Due to the huge amount of time that is required for recovery, many a times you may have missed many an important prior commitments. In order to explain your ground you will always have to produce papers and documents related to your problems. Hence, this comes into play here.

Insurance Policies are one of the most important factors that would make you want to keep all the required documents. It basically covers your costs and of course wants you to show some document. Moreover, your Company where you work at will certainly have exclusive employment benefit policies. These include many things such as health insurance, sick leave, vacation days, etc. You will have to get hold of a company hand book that has all the policies laid out clearly and then find out what are the necessary papers that you need to submit.


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Documents to Include in Your Medical Record:

  1. Diagnosis that would have your cancer type, your stages, etc
  2. Copies of all tests and results
  3. Complete treatment information, chemotherapy and medication information and its time period.
  4. An after diagnosis schedule.
  5. Contact information of the doctors and hospitals, etc
  6. Copies of bills and medical insurance


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Do organise yourself and get all these documents in a file. Make sure you have them and never forget to keep them neat so that they do not get unwanted folds.



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