If you fart frequently, you are healthy

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Dec 14, 2015

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Even if flatulence does embarrass you in public, it is a sign of healthy eating habits. According to several health experts, passing air on a frequent basis may actually be a sign of good health because passing air prevents bloating.

farting benefits

Lead author of the research Stine Vuholm from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, said that those who ate whole grains tended to more flatulent and had many departures of air during the day. On the contrary, those who did not eat whole grains were more bloated as well as tired during the same time.

A whole grain food has all the necessary parts of a rich grain and also had naturally occurring nutrients present in an entire grain seed. In non whole-grain foods, the husk and other parts of the grain are removed. Researchers recruited 75 participants so they could analyse effects of whole grains on gut. Some people also replaced products with whole grain versions, which were then compared against a control group that did not eat any whole grains.

Those participants who ate whole grains noted that their food took a longer time to pass through the intestines compared with those who had limited themselves to wheat. Vulholm said that while it may not be pleasant to frequently go to the toilet, it actually is a sign of good health. The researcher further added that it is good to get rid of the gas through flatulence because if it is not gotten rid of, it can cause abdominal pain and make you feel bloated.

Researchers done in the past show that eating whole grains can lower risk of heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, stroke and can also help in managing weight.

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