Ideal Diet for Athletes

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Feb 01, 2013

Full of fat, greasy foods are like your fortune:  they both outline your ends.


Diet, perhaps is the most overused word in health and fitness. But, we are sure you don’t want to dig your grave with your own fork and bread knife.


Literally speaking, diet is the intake of nutrition (mostly in the form of food), that helps maintain or improve the health of a person.


Munching right is all about thinking right without confusing or off-putting yourself while eating. It is about selecting foods that gives your body enough amounts of nutrients and calories it needs to function- not more, not less! It is simply not about running in the ‘looking good fenced park’.


In Onlymyhealth explore more on free dietary tips, clinical diets and skip the fads, focusing on the nutrition you and your family essentially needs.


Remember, anorexia cannot be purchased but a good lifestyle can be attained!


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