I keep fit by skipping, Nicolo Morea

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Dec 27, 2012

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Quick Bites

  • Nicolo Morea recommends crepes because they are healthy.
  • He prefers washboard abs over bigger biceps.
  • Between food and sex, Nicolo would choose food.
  • Easiest way to lose 3 inches of flab is through skipping.

The easiest way to lose three inches... of flab?

By skipping.

Nicolo Morea

Crepes are good for you because?

They're healthy.

What's better... a bromance or a romance?

Romance, any day.


When people say Marco, you say...?



If you had to choose between food and sex you would...?

Choose both! No, wait! Ehrmmm ¦ I guess food!


The only dish that beats a hot date..?

(laughs) There's no such dish... a hot date is a hot date!


Washboard abs or bigger biceps?

Definitely washboard abs.


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