How to use Pregnancy Calculator

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Aug 08, 2011

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Pregnant women often find it difficult to determine their due date and different stages of pregnancy. Pregnancy calculator is an important tool to clear such confusions. With pregnancy calculator you can easily find and keep track of pregnancy stages. Even though, exact due date can be given only by your doctor but by using pregnancy calculators you can get an idea of your due date. With most of the pregnancy due date calculator you can determine:

  • Due date.
  • Date of conception.
  • Gestation period.
  • Calculate the end of the first and the second trimester.
  • Know how many weeks pregnant you are on a given time.


How to use Pregnancy Calculators

There are many websites that offer online pregnancy due date calculator. But before selecting an online calculator you must go through users’ reviews about it. While selecting the pregnancy calculator make sure that it takes care of the varied durations of menstrual cycle (In a normal menstrual cycle there are 28 days but in some of the cases it can last from 22 to 44 days).


Most of the pregnancy calculators work in similar manner and require you to give information regarding your menstrual cycle.

  • To enter the first date of your last period click on the ‘select’ button. Now enter date, month and year of your last period.
  • After this, enter the length of your last menstrual cycle. You will see a default 28 days cycle, if your cycle is shorter or longer then click on the drop down list and select appropriate length.

Once you enter the date of your last menstrual period and the length of your menstrual cycle the calculator will display your expected due date in the result window.


Most of the pregnancy calculators take into account your menstrual dates and correlates this information to give accurate results. For this reason many physicians and doctors widely recommend women to use pregnancy calculators.


With the help of pregnancy calendar you can make certain that your baby is health. You will be clear about your pregnancy stages and take care of yourself in a better manner. For instance, by knowing your pregnancy stage you will have better idea about type of prenatal vitamins and tests to be done at that particular stage or trimester.


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