How to Stay Fit on a Holiday

You would hate to go on a holiday or on a work tour because this would mean a complete change in your schedule. Isn’t this what almost everyone is afraid of? Not anymore.

Akshay Chopra
Exercise & FitnessWritten by: Akshay ChopraPublished at: Nov 03, 2018Updated at: Nov 03, 2018
How to Stay Fit on a Holiday

Sometimes you just need to step outside, get some fresh air and simply let go. And that is why we all occasionally need a break. Well, in the end, we all deserve it - a nice and relaxing holiday. A break simply means a break from your work, your hectic schedule in order to break the monotony, to refresh the mind and the body but it never means a break from your health. 

Almost all my clients have this dilemma in mind that how they will continue with their workout when on a holiday. Now, it is either your work that wants you to travel a number of times in a month. Or it is the long pending holiday which your family has been long dreaming about. 

You would hate to go on a holiday or on a work tour because this would mean a complete change in your schedule, right from your workouts, to your clean eating, your sleeping etc all go haywire. Isn’t this what almost everyone is afraid of? Not anymore. You all have a solution and in fact an extremely simple one to everyone’s surprise. Let’s see how to go about managing things when outstation.

Let me ask you a question before we begin. Do you stop eating or sleeping when you are on a holiday, yes the timings may differ but you still manage to eat and sleep adequately, in fact, the former may be way beyond just adequate. So who said you can’t workout or eat clean when on a holiday or on an official tour. Yes, you may go overboard sometimes but then you have the necessary resources to balance it also. In fact, I have seen people losing weight when on a holiday and you can do it too with these simple strategies.

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Explore the place on foot

When you are on a holiday try and explore the place on foot. Not only will it be an excellent exercise but also you will be able to know the culture and intricacies of the place much better that way. Go for a long walk on the streets, in the jungles, in the mountains and valleys. Explore the local sites, meet local people, and enjoy the local delicacies which in most cases are much healthier than the junk you would find in the big cities. You would not even come to know the amount of time you have to spend walking when you are enjoying the place. When tired sit anywhere you like and just observe the freshness of the place, have some water, eat if hungry and walk again.

Eat the local delicacies, avoid junk

As previously mentioned, enjoy the local delicacies. Famous food outlets are found in most countries of the world and wherever you go the taste would be generally the same. That is the USP of these companies. But a question you need to ask yourself is that what is the point in going to an alien land and eat the same food which you get at home that too when the food is one of the worst foods you can possibly eat for your health. 

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Exercise without complaining

This tip is for people who are hardcore workout freaks and would try and get their daily exercise quota anyhow. Most of the people when they come from a small holiday for a week or 10 days or a similar office tour, they feel a bit small and flat and they think that all their hard work has gone in the drain and they have lost all the muscles. But you don’t have to worry as this is not the case. All the cells in the body have a sort of liquid inside them which has a number of functions like an exchange of nutrients from outside the cell to inside, transferring information and nutrients to and from the nucleus etc. in the same way the muscle fibres or cells have a similar liquid inside them called a sarcoplasm. 

Now, when you eat any form of carbohydrates, it breaks down into its simplest form in the body and then gets absorbed i.e. glucose. The amount which is not absorbed is stored in the form of glycogen in the liver or in the muscles for future use. This glycogen in the muscles is stored in their cells in the sarcoplasm. But with each molecule of carb, your body also stores 3-4 molecules of water which makes your muscles look bigger and fuller. So when you go on a low carb diet your muscles feel flat. 

When you weight train the muscles are working in a big way and these muscles signal certain enzymes in the body to increase the storage of glycogen in them. This is the process of adaptation by the muscles for the future threat i.e. more heavy weight training in the future. Now when you go off weight training for a few days or week for a vacation or due to some other reason the activity of these enzymes reduces and so reduces the amount of glycogen being stored which will reduce the water in the muscles and thus make your muscles look flatter. 

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An interesting way would be to inculcate high-intensity workouts like sprints in your workout. If you are on a hill station, there could be nothing better than going on a high hill for sprints, or on a trek or hike in the forests and mountains. Similarly, if in a sandy place like the desert or the beach, try and go for sprints in the sand. Running on sand is one of the most powerful forms of training for the legs and a vital component of training for the track and field athletes especially sprinters, jumpers and middle/long distance runners. 

You can also go cycling in the hills or on open roads and streets for long distances. An excellent addition would be to add some bodyweight workouts to it like pushups, pull-ups on trees, squats, split squats, walking lunges, mountain climbers and a range of other exercises.

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