How to Focus Well During Exams Without Stressing

Exam time is very stressful. Full concentration is very important to study well. Here are some ways to help kids to focus well during exams.

Varsha Vats
Written by: Varsha VatsUpdated at: Feb 15, 2019 12:39 IST
How to Focus Well During Exams Without Stressing

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The exam time is here, which brings a lot of stress for the student and for the parent as well. Most of the students find it difficult to concentrate well which can affect their results. Full concentration and interest are very important to prepare well for exams. If you are confused about how to concentrate well, here are some simple ways to tackle stress and focus well during exams.

Plan wisely

Planning makes every task simple and confusion-free. Do not sit and start studying randomly. Divide all the syllabus wisely according to your exam schedule. Make a plan a few days before you actually start studying. A good plan will help you study in an organised way. It will also allow you to revise properly. A proper plan will also help you check that all the parts are covered and will help you avoid repetition. Making a plan is not the last step. Execution of the plan is a more crucial step. Stick to the schedule you made.

Keep your study space clean

A well-organised study area motivates you to study well with full concentration. It also reduces confusion. It will also provide you easy access to all the books and study material at the right time. It will all together reduce stress. Arrange your study material in such a way that you do not have to look for each book every time you need it. It will save your time. Also, keep all distraction away and keep your study space comfortable.

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Make someone listen to your answers

Choose someone from your family and explain your answers to them. You can choose your sibling or your parents, who can also understand what your weak areas are. It will also help you examine yourself. When you will hear your own answers you will automatically understand where you need to improve. Verbal explanation will also help you remember things well. 

Eat more brain foods

The kind of food you during your preparation for exams also leaves an impact on your concentrating ability. Most of the students feel more hungry during exams. They face frequent hunger pangs while studying. Most students end up consuming junk food. But you should consume healthy foods. Brain foods will help you concentrate well and will improve your memory. Consume more nuts and seeds, berries, yogurt and broccoli. You should also consume less sugar because sugar may provide you instant energy but that energy will drain very soon.

Plan your exam day well

The exam day is the ultimate day which will pay off all your hard work. If you do not plan your exam day well all your efforts may not give the desired results. Sleep well a day before the exam and do waste your energy much before the exam day. Eat proper breakfast before you leave for the exam. Also, keep all the things ready that you need for the exam a day before. Do not panic at the last moment and attempt your exam with confidence. 

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Plan your breaks well

You should not just plan your study time but you should plan your breaks as well. Breaks are an essential part of study time. Most of the students just look forward to the next break while studying. Breaks help you refresh your mind which helps you concentrate well again. Try to invest your breaks in such an activity which you enjoy the most. Planning beforehand will also save your time and you will enjoy your break to the fullest. Do not indulge yourself in activities which can make you tired. During the breaks choose activities which can refuel your energy and refresh your mind.

A word from OnlyMyHealth

Parents should also encourage and support their kids during examination. Provide them all the help you can offer. Also, do not ask your kids to help you with other works. Let them create a balance between study and breaks. 

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