How to Teach a Child about Diabetes

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Mar 27, 2012

Diabetes can occur in kids too. It is a condition in which the body does not make enough insulin to break down the various forms of sugars that exist in the body. The diabetes that occurs in a child is called juvenile diabetes and he must be educated about the disease, its treatment and how to lend support to other affected children.

If you are wondering how to teach a child about diabetes, the tips given below can come in handy:

  • Asking the child about diabetes – You need to ask the child about what he thinks about the disease. It would tell you whether the notions he has about diabetes are right or wrong. You can then try to give him a general understanding of the disease.
  • Talk to the child about symptoms – Tell the child about the symptoms of diabetes and not to ignore if they happen to notice these in themselves. They should tell a trusted person about these. Simple instructions may not work well with children but some visuals and charts may bring about understanding in an easier manner.
  • Explain about insulin – The diabetic children should learn about insulin and the testing needles as soon as possible. It can be done through a dummy for demonstration too. They should learn about the fact that diabetes means the patient needs to monitor his blood sugar. As they learn about managing their condition, detecting lower and higher blood sugar, they would know whether their insulin injection is working well or a higher dose is needed.
  • Explain that the disease is not communicable – The diabetic child as well as his peer group of children should know that the disease is not contagious. They should not turn away from a classmate just because he is a diabetic. The children should be told this person feels just the same way from inside and there is no need to consider him an outcaste.
  • Encourage the diabetic child – Encouragement can mean positive remarks or some rewards for dealing well with the condition. Some young children are prone to be very frightened about the way it feels to have low blood sugar. Do your best to explain to such a child that they should inform about such sensations right away to an adult. Offering some sort of reward such as a toy or other kind of treat might also teach the child better about diabetes.




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