Effects of Uncontrolled Diabetes

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Mar 02, 2012

Uncontrolled Diabetes

Uncontrolled diabetes is a fatal stage of the diabetes, which is classified as incurable due to lack of information. Inadequate treatment of the condition raises blood sugar level of subject significantly, and leads to several health ailments. High level of blood sugar in the body renders complications to almost every organ of the body, which include heart, kidneys, nerves, eyes gums and teeth. The prolonged condition of uncontrolled diabetes leads to death.

Facts and figures by World Health Organisation (WHO) reveal that around 346 million people across the globe suffer from diabetic condition. In 2004, death toll due to high blood sugar was 3.4 million, of which 80% happening in underdeveloped and developing nations countries. The death figure is expected to double between 2005 and 2030, as per WHO projections.

Heart and Blood Vessel Diseases

Several studies have confirmed severe complications of uncontrolled diabetes on heart and blood vessel. Contrastingly, 65% of deaths in uncontrolled diabetic condition occur due to heart disease and stroke. In addition to this, uncontrolled diabetes is also the reason behind peripheral artery disease that occurs due to poor blood flow in the feet and legs. The damaged blood vessel or nerves also lead to foot problems causing amputations, of which over 60% are associated with uncontrolled diabetes.

Eye Problems

Uncontrolled diabetes is the root cause of several eye problems, and also one of the prominence reasons of blindness. Among eye disorders occurring due to the condition are Glaucoma, Cataracts and Diabetic Retinopathy. It is observed that timely intervention to treat diabetes lowers risk of diabetes-related eye problems to a significant level.

Kidney Problems

Diabetes can prove fatal for kidneys, bringing several complications for the organ including kidney failure.

Effect on Nerves

High blood sugar levels cause severe damage to the nerves, which includes loss of sensation that begins from toes and burning of the feet. Owing to damaged nerves, diabetics also experience pain in legs, arms, and hands along with digestion and sexual issues.

Effects on Teeth and Gums

Uncontrolled diabetes puts you at the risk of several gum diseases.

Measures for Prevention

In order to avert all the above mentioned health complications arising due to uncontrolled diabetes, one needs maintain healthy diet plan, engage in regular physical activity, maintain normal body weight and avoiding usage of tobacco.


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