How to Stop Dating Bad Boys

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Apr 03, 2013

How to Stop Dating Bad BoysWomen are often attracted to bad boys as they are considered to be more fun and excitement. But in reality bad boys play with mind, waste your time, and break your heart. If you find yourself stuck in the habit of dating bad boys then it is time for some introspection. The next time you find yourself attracted to a bad guy reconsider your priorities with the help of dating tips given below. Think about the reasons for which you must stay away from him.


Realise that He is not going to Change

Bad boys always focus on their selfish needs and never change their ways. So don’t expect that your guy will leave his bad habits and change for you. Even though, at times you may feel that he has changed. It's all in the mind. Convince yourself!


Give Chance to Good Boys


Good boys are caring, generous and kind, in simple words they are just opposite of the bad guys. Initially you may feel that good boys are boring but after few dates you may find that both of you are compatible!

Believe in Yourself

Remind yourself again and again that you deserve all the good things. Women usually settle in the relationships when they think that they are good enough for the relationship and not for what they want from a relationship. Dont follow the same track, believe that you are good enough for your man.


Look for Warning Signs


When you go for date then keep your eyes open to his dating etiquettes and manners and look for the warning signs. If he is abusive, regularly drinks and take drugs then you must stay away from him. Fear of commitment and frequent fights are the other signs of a bad boy.

If you have to date a bad boy then schedule your dates at places such as supermarket, exhibitions, art galleries and other such places.


Don’t be Misled by the 'Spark'

Many women believe that perfect dating partner is one who is physically attractive, dynamic and exciting. Physical attractiveness of a guy doesn’t signify that he will be a perfect match.

The search of ‘spark’ in your dates can often mislead you so look for a guy with whom you can have long and meaningful connection.


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