How to Prevent Preeclampsia in Pregnancy

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Jun 29, 2011

Preeclampsia is a condition affecting pregnant women in which their blood pressure rises very quickly resulting in protein in the urine. Women generally need to go for preterm delivery after detecting this condition as the supply of oxygenated blood to the growing baby is restricted. Preventing preeclampsia in pregnancy becomes important in view of the serious and even fatal consequences at times. Given below are the best practices to prevent preeclampsia during pregnancy.

preeclampsia during pregnancy

Prevent Preeclampsia in Pregnancy

  • Keep monitoring your Condition – Do not miss your prenatal appointments. Your doctor will keep you updated on blood pressure and presence of protein in your urine. Regular monitoring will let you know about risk of preeclampsia.
  • Keep your feet elevated and exercise – Keeping the feet elevated while resting helps to bring down the blood pressure. Keeping the feet at or above heart level while resting on bed and lying on the left side helps to improve the blood supply to the heart. You can also try mild exercises such as walking and swimming. Doing one of these low impact exercises for even 20 minutes daily can help keep preeclampsia at bay.
  • Cut down on Salt intake – In order to prevent preeclampsia, some doctors forbid the use of salty foods. There have been cases of patients who have had the condition in their first pregnancy when they had salty foods. Now, when the same woman gave up on salts during her second pregnancy, she did not suffer from preeclampsia.
  • Meditation and Yoga – Meditation and yoga helps you relax and bring down the blood pressure. You can also find yoga and meditation classes designed specifically for pregnant women. The instructors make sure that you do not get into the poses that strain your tummy. All poses that make you inverted must be avoided. You should give up any practice that gives you more strain than you can handle easily.
  • Follow your Diet Plan – Taking a lot of fluids and fibrous foods prevent the retention of water. Do not allow waste to be build up in your body leading to water retention. You should also avoid, salty foods, junk foods and even fried foods.

The do’s and don’ts mentioned above are useful not only for preventing preeclampsia but also as general ways of maintaining pregnancy fitness. Make sure that no prenatal visits are skipped, especially during the later part of pregnancy. This is because preterm delivery becomes inevitable after detection of preeclampsia.

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