How to Prevent Diaper Rash with Cloth Diapers

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May 20, 2011

Diaper rashes are just one of those things that probably all parents have had to face with their infant babies. If you are one of those lucky parents who haven’t faced this problem yet, start counting your blessings. So, exactly what is a diaper rash? The irritated part of skin on a baby which has been caused by the rubbing of the diaper on the baby’s soft skin is often referred to as a diaper rash. It is often red, cracked and painful to the baby. In more severe cases, it can even have blisters on it and is sometimes puffy. A baby bothered by a diaper rash will often cry until he is made to feel comfortable or falls asleep.


Parents who use cloth diapers must be careful to ensure that the baby is dry and comfortable at all times. This may mean that you have to check if the baby is wet as often as every ten minutes. This is essential because the acidic components of a baby’s urine can cause diaper rash as well. It is also important to ensure that the diaper area is clean after every change. Delhi-based paediatrician Dr. Kanta Gaur also recommends giving your baby ample diaper free time and that too frequently. This, says Dr. Gaur, will help ensure that your child doesn’t get diaper rash.


Several internet forums are filled with mothers who recommend the use of cloth diapers over disposable ones. The important thing to keep in mind while making this choice is to ensure that while reusing the diapers, they should be washed in mild detergents as harsh chemicals can damage and irritate the baby’s skin. Newborn care also suggests washing in very hot water but using mild cleaning agents that do not have harsh chemicals or perfumes is recommended. Also ensure that your baby’s bottom is not washed with harsh chemical agents such as shampoos since that too can cause a diaper rash. You need to be very careful because it is very difficult to cure a diaper rash and it will also cause a lot of irritation to your little bundle of joy.

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