How to Cure Baby's Diaper Rash

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Mar 29, 2011

Father and son There are many reasons as to why your baby might be crying and one of these is diaper rash. If you’re having trouble explaining their constant unhappiness and unrest, then check for this condition. It can be a real irritation for your baby and its prognosis isn’t that bothersome. This article will highlight ways of how to cure a baby’s diaper rash.

So if you discover that they have diaper rash, then at least you know what was bothering them. The first thing you need to do is to soothe the diaper area and the best way of doing this is to put the baby into a basin on warm water. This will negate the itch and the irritation, and it will also clean the area you are about to treat. Let the warm water drain away and lay the baby down on her/his back, towel dry them with care not to further irritate the rash.

Now, inspect the diaper rash carefully and eliminate any other cause for it, other than the diaper. If you notice a plethora of little red spots, then the chances are that it’s a yeast rash. If you are unsure what it is, maybe talk to another experienced mother who should have experience with diaper rash.


If you qualify the rash as yeast rash, then there is a very simple cure for it; plain yogurt contains something called acidophilus and has properties which fights yeast infections.


  • You apply two tablespoons of natural yogurt with your warm fingers to the rash area and allow it to soak in for a few moments.
  • Every time you change the baby’s diaper, follow this procedure and eventually the acidophilus will begin to have an effect on the diaper rash.

Now, if you don’t see any of these little red spots, then it’s just plain diaper rash, which is caused by the skin in the diaper area being over-exposed to urine or feces, or from the area just being too humid – in general – underneath the diaper. Homeopathic Calendula ointment is good in alleviating the redness, itchiness and irritation that comes with diaper rash, but take with care. It is probably best to talk to an homeopathic physician before you use any of these ointments on babies.

Air and oxygen

The area should heal itself if it is exposed to air and oxygen for an extended period of time, so let your baby move around freely without the diaper. This might be a little dangerous for obvious reasons, but if you can think of ways to limit the mess, then go for it. The less the area is under a diaper – with this diaper rash condition – the better. These are the best ways on how to cure a baby’s rash.



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